When There’s Work to Be Done

This story reminds me of how it can feel getting ready for the holidays.
While driving in the snow, a traveler slid on a patch of ice and drove their car off the road and into a steep snow bank near a farm. The farmer who had seen the car veer off the road, came with his horse to help pull the car out of the snow.

The farmer announced, “The horse’s name is Dakota!”

He hitched the horse to the car and shouted, “Come on Ranger, Pull!” The horse didn’t move.

The farmer then yelled, “Come on Lady, Pull!” Again, the horse didn’t move.

Once more the farmer commanded, “Come on Sundance, Pull!” Nothing happened.

The farmer then said, “Come on Dakota, Pull!” And the horse moved and dragged the car out from the pile of snow.

The driver thanked the farmer, but being somewhat puzzled said, “You called the horse three times by the wrong name. Why did you do that?”

The farmer laughed and said, “Oh, Dakota is a blind old horse, if he thought he was the only one pulling, he wouldn’t even try!”

Most people I know are busy this time of year and it often feels like we are the only one pushing and pulling to get everything done. Just a quick reminder that you are not alone and everything you are doing will be appreciated.

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