5 Reasons To Work Your Core

Strengthening your core (the muscles from your hips to your shoulders) is like giving yourself a full-body makeover. You’ll feel smarter, younger, and better all over. Here are five benefits for a “hard core” workout:

1. It reduces and prevents pain. A strong core stabilizes you and works like a natural brace for your joints. It prevents sagging, which puts more strain on joints and can pinch nerves.

2. It makes you look taller and thinner. When you strengthen your upper back and shoulders, the muscles are pulled back and down, removing any trace of a hunch.

3. It delays the aging process. A strong core keeps your body aligned, so you can function properly. It helps you hold the stomach in, which has been shown to reduce strain that ages your body faster.

4. It improves mental function. Having a stable and aligned spine allows your brain to receive your body’s messages more efficiently. An erect posture has been shown to make you feel more confident.

5. It improves balance. Stabilizing your core hones your fine motor skills, so you can react quickly and stay balanced on unstable surfaces.

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