Décor for a Tight Budget

When moving into your first home, you probably have a tight budget for decor. Fortunately, a few targeted pieces – aside from the basics of a couch, dining table, and bed – will go a long way towards giving you a high design look on a low budget:

1. Rugs. Spend a bit of your budget on a few nice accent rugs. They add color and depth to your space, and set off your few furnishings.

2. End/coffee tables. Even a plain old couch can be enhanced with end tables or a coffee table that has the look you want.

3. Lamps/lighting. Search for interesting lighting that makes a statement without being expensive, including lamps, pendant lights, wall lights, etc. There are many low-cost look-alikes that add character to a space.

4. Paint. After getting your accent rugs, couch, and lighting, it’s time to choose paint colors. When matched to your furnishings, painting completes your décor.

5. Plants. When you lack a lot of furniture and other decor, purchase plants to fill in the empty spaces.

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