If It Walks Like a Duck

A duck walked into a café, sat at the counter, and ordered a soda and a sandwich. The waitress behind the counter did a double-take, then cried out, “You’re a duck!”

“I see your eyes are working,” replied the duck.

“And you can talk!” exclaimed the waitress.

“Your ears are working, too. Now how about that soda and sandwich?”

“Sorry, right away.” The waitress placed the order and poured a soda. She
passed it to him and said, “It’s just that we don’t get many talking ducks in here. What brings you in today?”

“I’m a plumber, working that construction site.” He waved a wing behind him, then dipped his bill in his soda.

The waitress watched for a moment, then said, “You know, the circus is in town. I bet they’d love to hire a duck like you.”

“Really?” the duck said. “Why do they need a plumber?”

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