Promote Positives For Young Athletes

It’s estimated that 35% of children drop out of organized sports each year. That rate increases to 70% by the time children reach age 13. Here are a few things you can do to help your children have a positive experience if they are participating in sports.

  • Don’t compare. What motivates one child won’t work for another. What comes easy to one can pose challenges for another. Never compare the accomplishments of one child with that of another. Look for positive ways to encourage your children to focus on the fundamentals of their sport.
  • Stress variety. Allowing your children to participate in several different sports helps broaden their perspectives and figure out which activities inspire their interest. Keeping children under 12 involved in a variety of sports may prevent repetitive stress injuries that can be common with certain sports.
  • Take your ego out of the equation. A large part of helping your children develop positive attitudes about sports is to be positive yourself. Keep a check on your own attitudes so you’re not attempting to live vicariously through your children’s experiences or
    pressuring them into participating in activities that are of no interest to them.

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