Let Kids Be Bored

According to Northwestern University’s Family Institute, boredom is one of the most rewarding experiences of childhood. When children get bored, they have a chance to nurture their creativity, daydream, think, come up with solutions to problems, and discover their interests.

In the 1980s, children from three different Canadian communities participated in a study. The researchers found that the children who lived in an area with no access to television scored higher in thinking skills that measured imaginativeness than their TV-watching counterparts. Two years later, televisions were introduced into the homes of these same rural children. The decline of their divergent thinking skills soon followed.

If watching television can diminish a child’s thinking skills, imagine the impact of countless hours of video game playing, texting, and communicating through emoji. Help your children unplug from their devices, grow bored, and tune in to their imaginations. The opportunity to uncover their hidden talents and build new worlds awaits.

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