Eric’s Christmas List

Karen was just gathering her purse and keys to head out the door when her son stopped her. “You’ll need this if you’re planning on doing some Christmas shopping,” Eric said, handing his mother an envelope.

“What is this?” Karen asked.

“My list for you,” he answered. Before she could question him further, he ran out of the door, on his way to his after school job.

Karen was confused. Eric knew they didn’t have a lot of money, and today’s trip to the store was to buy supplies to make a few gifts for other family members. She’d already told Eric there would only be one gift, which she’d already bought. Eric knew this, so why would he give her a list?

Karen opened the envelope and five $20 bills fell out, along with a list. She picked up the list and read, her eyes filling with tears:

Mom’s to-do list:

• Get a mani/pedi
• Treat yourself to lunch
• Buy that bath oil you love
• Buy a pair of earrings

Love, Eric

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