Love Is Blind

You know, I walked into the grocery store the other day and saw that roses and romantic cards have all but taken over the entry way. I love a good romance story, and certainly, there are plenty of them to be had with Valentine’s Day happening this month. However, I want to share an old story that I’ve always liked, which deals with self-love.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had grown increasingly shy over the years. In addition to her modest style of dress, she always wore a scarf that hung down over the left side of her face. No one gave much thought to why she started to drape herself with the thin fabric and over the years, it just became part of her style. One day, a healer came through the rural area. As soon as the girl heard about the miracles that the mysterious woman could work, she rushed down to the center of her village and fell to her knees in front of the healer, pleading for help. Just as quickly, the healer reached down to the girl’s arm and helped her back to her feet, then asked: “My dear, why do you hide your pretty face?” The girl answered, “When I was young, I fell from a tree and the wound on my face left an ugly scar.” The healer gently pulled the scarf away from the girl’s face and spoke kindly: “That was many years ago; scars are a reminder that successful healing has taken place.” Then, she held up a small mirror and the girl looked at her reflection. What she first noticed in the mirror was not the scar, but her shining eyes and pretty cheekbones. The young girl smiled as she realized that the healer had given her the freedom to appreciate her own beauty and she let the scarf slip through her fingers and fly away in the breeze.

My friend, I hope that you find time to turn a mirror on yourself this month and appreciate how far you have come in life. Here’s to you and yours— may you have a great month, full of love and appreciation!

Good Medicine

“I don’t know what it is, doc,” the nervous young man said. “I just don’t feel good.”

The doctor examined him and ran some tests. After consulting with her nurse, she came back into the examination room with three large bottles of different colored pills.

“OK,” the doctor said. “I want you to take one blue pill with a large glass of water every two hours. Also, go ahead and take one green pill with a large glass of water every three hours. Finally, take one of the yellow pills, with a large glass of water, every four hours.”

“Geez, that’s a lot of pills,” the patient said. “What’s the matter with me?”

“You’re not drinking enough water.”

The Effect Of Non-Violent Video Games

Playing action-packed video games may make people more violent, but is the reverse true? Can playing calm, peaceful games help create a relaxed feeling of serenity? Maybe so, according to experiments conducted by researchers at Ohio State University.

They took a group of 150 college students and randomly assigned them to play in one of three scenarios: with a “violent” game, a “neutral” game, or a “peaceful” game called Endless Ocean, which simulates scuba diving and peaceful underwater exploration.

After the games, the students were asked to participate in a test of reaction times against another player (who didn’t actually exist). The stakes: Winners would receive a small amount of money for pressing a button faster than their competitor; losers got blasted with a loud noise through headphones.

Those who’d played the violent game tended to be more aggressive in the test, inflicting louder and longer blasts on their nonexistent opponents. Players of the peaceful game granted their adversaries more money for beating them than their violent counterparts.

Expect Caffeine Withdrawal

Planning on giving up coffee for the health benefits? If you’re pregnant, prone to anxiety attacks, or worried about being addicted to caffeine, giving it up may be a good idea— just watch for the symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms can include headache, fatigue, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating.

Withdrawal symptoms can arise quickly. Medical experts say they generally begin 12–24 hours after your last cup of coffee (or whatever form you regularly take your caffeine in), and can last up to two weeks. So be prepared (and warn those around you as well).

Other January Firsts

Aside from New Year’s Day, here are more interesting and notable January remembrances and celebrations:

  • 1913 – US Patent #1,049,667 was granted to William Burton for the manufacture of gasoline.
  • 1930 – The Mickey Mouse cartoon first appeared in newspapers.
  • 1922 – Insulin was first used in the treatment of diabetes. Insulin was discovered by Sir Frederick G Banting, Charles H Best and JJR Macleod at the University of Toronto and purified by James B. Collip.
  • 1880 – US Patent #223,898 was granted to Thomas A. Edison, for “an electric lamp for giving light by incandescence.”