A World Of Help

August has some pretty amazing holidays dedicated to animals all over the world. Here are a few worth celebrating, internationally and here at home.

International Assistance Dog Week, August 2 – 8.

International Assistance Dog Week (IADW) was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking  assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability related limitations. According to the IADW website, International Assistance Dog Week was established due to the efforts of Marcie Davis,
a paraplegic for over 35 years and the author of Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook.

International Homeless Animals Day, August 15.

Every year on the third Saturday in August, International Homeless Animals Day
celebrates taking care of our pets and spreading awareness of pet overpopulation.
Consider volunteering or helping to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic, adopt-a-thon or
microchip clinics in your neighborhood.

World Elephant Day, Wednesday August 12.

Launched in 2012 to bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants, World Elephant Day asks you to help conserve and protect elephants from the numerous threats they face. WorldElephantDay.com has some great information on
supporting better protection for wild elephants, improving enforcement policies to prevent the illegal poaching and trade of ivory, conserving elephant habitats, better treatment for captive elephants and, when appropriate, reintroducing captive
elephants into natural, protected sanctuaries.


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