5 Ways To Make The Home Hunting Process Easier

Shopping for a new home can be intimidating. With so many things to do and think about, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some good tips for making the home hunting process a lot easier and less stressful. 

1. Get your mortgage arranged in advance.

You don’t want to find the ideal home on the market, only to face problems arranging a suitable mortgage. You might end up losing the opportunity. So make mortgage arrangements in advance by getting “pre-approved”. Then you can shop for a new home with confidence. 

2. Clearly define the kind of home you want, and the neighborhood you want to live in.

You can’t view every home that’s on the market. If you try, you’ll burn yourself out! So write down a clear description of the kind of home you want. How many bedrooms? Big kitchen? Renovated?

And don’t forget the neighborhood. Upscale? Close to downtown? Lots of trees and parks? Urban and close to shopping and theatres? With this information, a good REALTOR® can quickly create a shortlist of properties that meet your criteria. 

3. Take good notes.

After viewing a few homes, you may easily start to forget the details. Was it property #1 that had the large Elm tree in the backyard? Or was that property #4? If you take good notes, you’ll be able to make decisions later on about which homes to shortlist. 

4. Take care of yourself. (And your family.)

Eat right. Pace yourself. Don’t try to view too many homes in one evening or Saturday afternoon. 

5. Get help.

A good REALTOR® can make the home shopping process go quickly and smoothly. Want more ideas for finding the perfect home? Call today! 


“Location. Location. Location.” You’ve probably heard that phrase before. It simply means that where your home is located is just as important as the features of the property itself. 

Location affects market value. But it also affects your lifestyle. Here are some personal questions to ask yourself when shopping for a new home. 

1. Do you want to live in the busy part of a city? A quieter sub-division? A small town?

2. How close do you need to be to work? Are main highways easy to get to? Is public transit readily available? 

3. If you have children, are there good schools nearby? If not, is busing conveniently available? 

4. What amenities do you want nearby? Safe walking areas? Local parks? A shopping mall? A golf course?

5. Do you want to be near family and friends?

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