A Man of Few Words

Once, there was a wealthy prince who was madly in love with a young noblewoman, but he had been cursed as a young boy: upon turning 18, he could not speak more than one word per year. The prince decided he would endure two years without speech so that he could have the pleasure of calling his beloved, “My darling.”

As two years drew to a close, the prince decided to remain quiet for three more years so he could declare his love as well. When the three extra years were almost finished, he realized what he wanted more than anything was to marry his fair lady, so he remained trapped in silence year after year, waiting to ask for her hand in marriage.

After nine long years, the day had finally arrived when he could speak his heart’s desire. He led his pretty lady by the hand to a private garden filled with many beautiful roses. He dropped to one knee, looked up to her and said, “My darling, I love you. Will you marry me?” The lady looked at him with love in her eyes and replied, “Pardon?”

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