A Mother’s Day Story From The Book Of Love

Mrs. Aiken steps into the hallway at 8:15 AM every day and welcomes her students into the classroom. All her 3rd graders know that the first 45 minutes of the school day are set aside for reading – a warm-up for the day ahead.

When the students came to school one Monday, Mrs. Aiken told them to grab their books and line up at the door, as they were going to read a morning story to the kindergarteners down the hall. It went so well that she decided to start the morning that same way for the rest of the month. At drop off one morning, one student’s grandma turned up with a few books in hand and shyly asked the teacher if she could use a volunteer to help with the children. The teacher, always glad to have an extra grown-up on hand, cheerfully welcomed her to join them.

The elderly lady left the school that morning with a big grin on her face, amused by the young children and happily remembering all the things that she had loved about kindergarten. She volunteered again the next day and by the next week, the kindergartners started requesting her as their reading buddy. By the end of the month, she knew all of their names, their favourite colours, and what sort of books they liked to read.

On Mother’s Day, she walked into the classroom and saw a line of homemade cards, all addressed to “Mom,” next to a framed photo of herself, reading with all the children around her. As the tears welled up in her eyes, she looked to the teacher for an explanation, but one little boy blurted out: “Madison said you’re her Grandma, but you’re like a Mom to all of us and we love you!”

To all the Moms out there – thank you for reading to us, for listening to us, and for learning our favourite colours and foods. We cherish you.

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