BC government announces new contract assignment regulations

The provincial government announced new rules regulating contract assignments earlier today.

The new rules will require real estate contracts to include two terms: one requiring seller’s consent to assign the contract, and one requiring that any profit from an assignment goes to the initial seller.

Clients can instruct REALTORS® to omit or change these clauses.

These regulations will apply to all offers starting May 16, 2016.

The buyer’s Realtor will also be required to inform the seller if one, or both, of these clauses are removed from their offer. The seller’s Realtor must also disclose if the proposed contract is assignable or not – including any conditions that would be applicable to the assignment.

This is done through the new “Notice to Seller Regarding Assignment Terms” created by The Real Estate Council. This notice must be presented at the same time as the contract to either the seller’s Realtor, or directly to the seller.

These regulations apply to both residential and commercial transactions, with the exception of development units as defined by section 1 of the Real Estate Development Marketing Act.

BCREA will update WEBForms® with both the new Notice to Seller Regarding Assignment Terms form and revised Contracts of Purchase and Sale. Updates to PDP courses and an applicable webinar will be coming shortly.

We’ll provide more information on these changes in the next edition of our newsletter.

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