Binning Tower

Binning Tower at Wesbrook, University of British Columbia (UBC) is an unprecedented investment in the future – a lifestyle defined by education, arts, culture and recreation – from the team that also founded The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies in the cultural heart of UBC.


Close to Vancouver, you’ll live within the vibrant master planned community of Westbrook, an exceptional new community distinguished by recreation, learning, culture and design.

The Binning Tower residences oŒffer a rare combination of nature and culture, in an unrivalled Vancouver location. Wesbrook Village, is surrounded by open spaces, world-class cultural and educational facilities, beautiful parks, ocean and trees.

The location is perfect. Your home at Binning Tower is both scenic and convenient with immediate access to Vancouver’s most sought after places, schools, and neighbourhoods.

Your home at Binning Tower is both scenic and convenient…

For further information, please contact with Gino Pezzani.

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