Brave New World

This summer is turning out to be a summer like no other I can remember. Everywhere, there is an element of hope, of wanting to believe that society is coming together and that we are on the road to remembering what summer feels like without any thought of social distancing.

There are all the familiar notes of summer pulsing with life: the sound of giggles wafting from tanned children, piles of ripe fruit sitting in colorful displays at the entrance of grocery stores, music pouring out from picnic radios, and evening sunsets that linger late into twilight.

Certainly, we cannot overlook the reality of recent, tragic events of the pandemic; but I am asking that we all face this summer with the bravery to move into a new normal that simultaneously acknowledges what we went through while looking to what we are capable of doing.

We are capable of connecting— the past few months proved we are able to connect online, by video, by phone, and by mail. We are capable of reaching out to those in need and lending help. We are capable of learning: everywhere, there are free online classes and new summer novels to savor. Most of all, we are capable of loving, of reaching out to friends and family in this brave new world of having realized what matters most.

This summer is ours to enjoy. These hot days are ours to bask in the glory of possibility… don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Gino Pezzani

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