City of Port Coquitlam – A Press Release

Worth a closer look
If you haven’t visited Port Coquitlam lately, you may be surprised at the changes we’ve experienced in just a few short years.

We’re accessible.
Our central location in the heart of Metro Vancouver means Vancouver is only 35 minutes away by car or commuter rail.

And thanks to the opening of the Coast Meridian Overpass (CMO) in 2010 and Pitt River Bridge in 2009, it’s never been easier to get to or around Port Coquitlam.

Businesses and residents alike are reaping the rewards as the two sides of the community are united with new roads, transit and bike lanes – enhancing a multi-faceted transportation network that includes river and rail.

We’re also continuing to add to the extensive trail network that crisscrosses and encircles the community, linking residents with nature as well as community amenities.

We’re thriving.
The heart of our community has always been our historic and authentic Downtown, and these days it’s bustling with new business and residential growth, a vibrant cultural scene at Leigh Square, and our City’s first high-rise apartment building.

As the CMO has shifted traffic away from Shaughnessy Street, our Downtown has become a lively destination where people shop, socialize, celebrate and do business.

A similar buzz can be heard across Port Coquitlam, evident in our new businesses, infill residential projects, and strong interest in our established and developing commercial and industrial areas.

The Dominion Triangle area, in particular, presents some exciting investment opportunities. A mix of comprehensive residential, commercial and light industrial development are slated for this up-and-coming area.

Construction of the much anticipated Fremont Village in Dominion Triangle has already begun. This highway commercial and mixed-use centre, which already features a Walmart and Canadian Tire opened in 2011, will bring businesses, apartments and services to the community. The area is highly accessible from the new Pitt River Bridge, Lougheed Highway, Mary Hill Bypass and the future Fremont Connector.

We’re progressive.
We’ve captured headlines for our innovative approaches to managing waste and using technology to engage the community.

That progressive attitude can be found throughout City Hall. We see businesses as partners in our local economy. We’re supportive of innovative housing concepts (e.g. small lot houses and back-to-back townhomes) and other unique and sustainable developments that bring our community the services it needs.

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