Dealing With Stress

Stress has a negative impact on everyone’s health. One way to ease the stress in your life? Unsurprisingly, Bicycle Cards advises that you play a game of cards. They might be onto something— here’s how a few friendly rounds of cards can help reduce stress:

• Conversation. A card game isn’t just about counting up points. It’s an excellent path to friendly and lively conversations that can help you relax.

• Laughter. Conversation usually leads to laughter, which can reduce tension in your mind and body.

Low pressure. Assuming you’re not playing high-stakes poker with your life savings on the line, a nice game of hearts or gin rummy offers entertainment without pressure.

• Brain exercise. Strategizing, keeping track of the play, and calculating your points at the end of the game helps keep your mind fresh.

• No technology. You can play blackjack on your smartphone, but a few hands of pinochle with friends lets you detach from technology and reconnect with the rest of the world.

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