Electronic Home Owner Grant

No more envelopes, searching for stamps or trips to the mailbox or to the City Hall to claim your Home Owner Grant. You receive an immediate confirmation number indicating that the City has received your claim (all grants are subject to review before a claim is ultimately approved or denied by the City, according to the regulations of the Home Owner Grant Act).

Now, all you need is your 12-digit tax folio number and your access code from the front of your Tax Notice.

Notice: Complete your grant between late May and December 31

This service is available by late May when annual property taxes are calculated until December 31 of each year. Grants claimed after the July due date are subject to a 5% penalty.

If you have read the eligibility notes enclosed with your tax notice, and would like to claim your grant online, click here to begin the easy step-by-step process that will help ensure your grant is completed fully and correctly.

(Note to Multi-family Grant Partition Applicants: The physical Grant and Partition forms must be submitted together by mail or in-person to City Hall by the due date. Grant submissions via this electronic form are not acceptable.)

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