Fight the Good Fight

Have you ever gotten into a fight, and then wondered whether it was worth the bother? Being an adult means choosing your battles carefully. One of the hardest aspects of maintaining healthy relationships is deciding when to fight about something and when to simply let things go.

There are many times that letting go of something is the right thing to do— for everyone involved. However, if someone is violating your space or assaulting your integrity, you need to defend your territory. Listen to your anger without giving in to it. Psychotherapist Paula Hall gives these tips
on the BBC website for keeping the peace and fighting fairly:

• Develop your self-awareness. Be ready to assume responsibility for that which is rightfully yours. Check your conscience for reasons you might be fighting and be honest with yourself. Make sure you’re just not protecting your pride.

• Believe the best about the other person… until you have a real reason not to. Giving your opponent the benefit of the doubt is the right thing to do.

• Consider the effect of other influences. Are you stressed, tired, sick, or hungry? How much do you believe these factors have to do with the fight?

• Stay calm. Don’t fall into the trap of sulking, blaming, or being overly critical.
• Truly listen to what the other person is saying. Admit when the other person has a valid point.

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