Finding Buried Treasure

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… or is there? A treasure trove of 68,000 Celtic coins and jewelry that was buried between 30-50 B.C. on the island of Jersey in the English Channel was found by two amateur archaeologists.

According to the Smithsonian magazine website, metal detector enthusiasts Reg Mead and Richard Miles began searching for treasure after hearing about some silver Celtic coins that were found in an old pot near her Jersey home. The current owner of the field gave permission for the pair to search, but only once a year, and only after he had a chance to harvest his crops.

After 30 years of searching, Mead and Miles uncovered a chunk of earth containing the coins, then called in an archaeological team to bring them up. The findings turned out to consist of at least 68,000 coins, along with many heavy gold neck torcs, ancient glass beads, a leather purse, and a bag encrusted with silver and gold decoration. The treasure is valued at 10 million British pounds.

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