Grow Op Bylaws: What You Need To Know

Of the 23 local governments within the Real Estate Board area, 19 either have bylaws focused on grow operations and controlled substances or have sections of other bylaws, for example building bylaws, which focus on grow operations.

Property owners, landlords and real estate managers beware! If a grow op or drug lab is found on your property

you could face harsh penalties, including fines and the costs associated with policing, fire department and city inspections.

This matrix is for reference only, please refer to the actual bylaw for more information. Double click on each bylaw

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDFo view the  complete bylaw.

Note: Under the BC Safety Standards Act, sec. 19.2 local governments receive reports on high electricity use from BC Hydro. Properties identified are reviewed in consultation with the local police force and an inspection notice may be placed on a property which allows the property owner 24 hours to contact the local government to arrange a special safety inspection for the property. If a hazardous situation is found, utilities can be shut off and the property’s occupancy permit can be revoked until the hazards are remediated.

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