Herbal Kitchen

Three of the most common herbal preparations are teas, infusions and decoctions. Do you know the difference?

Tea: When you make tea, you usually brew it for just a few minutes and the herbs are generally soft, like flowers, leaves and stems, that make for a gentle, soothing drink.

Infusions: An infusion extracts more nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from hard, woody stems or bark than a tea. To make an infusion, add one cup of dried herbs to a quart jar of boiling water, cap it and let it sit for four to eight hours.

Decoctions: A decoction can be prepared once you have an infusion. Simply steam your infusion very slowly, letting about half the liquid evaporate for a more concentrated product.

There are endless ways to incorporate herbs into your kitchen, but the use of teas, infusions and decoctions are a really easy way to get started.

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