How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity that Complements Your Home’s Style

A chic and stylish vanity can breathe new life into your bathroom.  A new vanity determines the tone of the bathroom’s decor, and adds great value to your home if you are planning to sell it.

When selecting a bathroom vanity, always keep in mind that the unit is going to function as both storage and as a working surface. Stick with materials that will fare well with wear and exposure to water. Make sure the material is also sealed to protect the finish and to keep it looking good for many years to come.

Bathroom vanities usually combine a sink with a cabinet, providing a functional and practical place to get ready in the morning. However, since there are so many types to choose from, you may be unsure as to which one you should purchase for your home. Before making a final decision, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bathroom vanity.

1. Consider who is going to be using the bathroom. Guest bathrooms usually don’t require a great deal of storage space. A family bathroom will benefit from having lots of cupboards and drawers for frequently used items such as towels, bath toys and toilet paper.

2. Decide on your budget limit. Money often limits our choices, but being budget conscious sometimes forces us to make common sense decisions. You can achieve a very nice look without breaking the bank. Usually you can replace a large part of the budget with creativity. Keep in mind that in the end this is a sink and the functional aspects are way more important than the looks.

3. Choose a style that matches the decor of your home. When you consider bathroom style, look at the total picture. It doesn’t make sense to replace a modern vanity with an antique, or to insert a shiny chrome bathroom vanity into a bathroom that’s all wood. Keep everything in perspective. Make sure what you want will be appropriate to the style you choose. There are many styles available, including modern, traditional, country, classic, eclectic, high-tech, contemporary and antique.

4. Evaluate the amount of space available for the vanity. Bathroom vanities come in a variety of widths and can also be custom ordered. Your bathroom may have two sinks so you may want two vanities or one large, custom designed vanity to fit the space. Also consider the amount of space you want available on the vanity top.

5. Consider the plumbing restrictions. Sometimes the existing plumbing for the sink will limit your options. For example the water lines and drain pipes might come out of a wall or directly from the floor. Unless you are prepared for changing the plumbing (which can be expensive and might require more dramatic changes to your bathroom than you desire) you will have to settle for a solution that works. You might not want to install a wall mounted sink if the pipes come from the floor and they will be in full view. You might also not want to put a hole in the base of an expensive vanity to accommodate the same situation.

4. Select a practical countertop.   Bathroom vanity countertops should be practical, durable and resistant to water, moisture and humidity. Plastic laminate countertops for vanities are popular because they are generally durable, relatively stain-resistant and economical. Granite countertops are beautiful to look at and are strong and durable, while marble countertops are elegant and long-lasting.

5. Faucets sinks and lighting. There are many different styles of sinks for bathroom sink vanity units, including porcelain, stainless steel and glass.  Choose faucets and a sink that complement the fixtures. Porcelain-brass combos are typically traditional, while gooseneck and waterfall faucets look modern. Basic faucets – even chrome-brass combinations – work nicely in neutral bathroom schemes.

The positioning of your bathroom vanity lighting and colours also plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your room.

There are bathroom vanities and cabinets to suit bathrooms of all styles and sizes. With some thought and planning a new bathroom vanity set can become an attractive centerpiece to complete your bathroom’s makeover.

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