Improve Your Self-Discipline

Success in any endeavor is a matter of self-discipline. If you can’t stay focused on your goals, you’ll never achieve them. The Ladders website shares this list of tips for improving your self-discipline:

• Start on Monday. Begin working on your goals on the first day of the week. Researchers say this can help you follow through.

• Write down the reasons behind your goals. Positive affirmations can solidify your goals in your mind and help you stay focused.

• Visualize the benefits. Think about what you’ll gain as you work toward your goals and eventually achieve them. They’ll become more real in your mind and help you work past obstacles.

• Plan for temptation. You’ll sometimes want to abandon your goals, or at least set them aside. Think about how you can respond—“If I want to quit early, I’ll work 10 more minutes before making a final decision.”

• Combine needs and wants. For example, if you have to go to a networking event, concentrate on meeting old friends as much as on making new contacts. Or plan a reward once you’ve completed a particular step toward your goal.

• Don’t make snap decisions. A quick decision can easily lead you down the wrong path. Teach yourself to analyze information and consider your options before going ahead on a new move.

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