In Service

Holidays abound in May! In Canada, we  have Mother’s Day and there is National Patriot’s Day in Quebec and Victoria Day throughout most of the nation. There is, perhaps, a certain sentimentality attached to Mother’s Day, at least according to greeting card companies, but across all the holidays is this commonality: the idea of service.

Whether one is a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, or a son, everyone has at one point been in a position to understand servant-leadership. Robert Greenleaf, who is credited with originating that concept, proposed that the best leaders were servants first, and the key tools for a servant-leader include listening, persuasion, access to intuition and foresight, use of language, and pragmatic measurements of outcomes.

With that in mind, I hope that you find time to ask yourself: where do you lead? Is it at home – as a parent – or in all that you do at work? When do you use language as a tool after first taking the time to listen? And, how do you measure your outcomes – iis it in the number of clients that you service, or in the number of smiles on the people who cross your path? Most importantly, how do you bring that sense of service into the projects that are most dear to your heart so as to lead with the passion that comes from being invested in your work— truly, being so invested in what you have been blessed to do that you feel a sense of obligation to honor it with your best work possible?

This month, in the green break between the last cold days of winter and the first warmth of the summer ahead, I wish for you enough free time to take a fair look at where you are leading in life and what legacy you are working to build. In the words of Albert Pine, “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, is and remains immortal”.

P.S. If you have a budding leader in your life whom you admire, please pass this letter along to them. I’d be honored to learn how they serve the people that they lead. And, if you have a few thoughts on what makes a good leader, Please contact Gino Pezzani, I’d love to share a conversation with you!

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