June ‘Staycation’ Ideas

Many people are cutting back on big vacations this summer. Here are several ideas for inexpensive stay-at-home vacations.


  1. Make a list of all the local destinations that out-of-towners would visit if they came to the area. Pick a few and pretend you’re an out-of-towner.
  2. Rent a hotel room for a night and live it up— play in the hotel pool, order room service, etc.
  3. Consider a 3-day fishing, hiking, camping, horseback, surfing excursion.
  4. Likewise, consider creating a 3-day themed vacation where you study a particular person, topic, or art form that’s represented locally.
  5. Have a camp-out in your own backyard.
  6. Volunteer to do community work by improving a park or helping at the food bank.
  7. Plan to go to a local event, like a rock concert, film festival, or car show, instead of fighting traffic, plan on getting a hotel room in the vicinity.


Outdoor Activities

British Columbia is a land of active vacations. The choices are endless: wilderness or car-accessible camping in spectacular natural settings; single or multi-day hiking treks through backcountry; cycling along city paths or mountain biking down steep vertical terrain.

Go golfing on courses set against dramatic, panoramic vistas, or try rounding up cattle or relaxing at guest ranches. Explore BC’s Aboriginal history or discover its heritage sites. Scale towering granite cliffs at popular rock climbing sites, or venture underground to see exotic rock formations on a caving tour.

While VancouverWhistler, and Victoria are major hubs of activity in BC, outdoor adventure opportunities span the province. Looking for some energizing travel itineraries? Check out the list of outdoor adventure trip ideas for some of BC’s regions and cities.

BC’s waters also offer an exciting variety of activities. Try fishing for salmon and halibut, or go canoeing and kayaking along ocean coastlines or the world-famous Bowron Lakes. River rafting offers plenty of thrills, and BC’s coastal waters are renowned for coldwater diving and excellent whale watching opportunities.

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