Lead From Anywhere

Being part of a team doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from your peers, whether you’re in a busy workplace or working from home. To become a star, focus on the process. Here are some suggestions:

Stay on top of your industry:
Spending just 15 to 20 minutes per day doing some research on your business and industry will keep you more up-to-date than most of your peers.

Find out how you can be more valuable:

Ask managers how you can contribute more. You may get a chance to work on innovative projects that help the company achieve its goals.

Tackle the hard projects:
Volunteer for jobs others don’t want to tackle. Your peers will appreciate it— and your boss will notice, too.

Lend a hand to colleagues:

When others are struggling to get their work done, offer to help them; make sure it doesn’t distract from your own tasks, though.

Give credit to those who help you along the way:
Don’t hog the glory. Acknowledge the help you receive from your co-workers, and they’ll be more willing to support you in the future.

Reach out:
Whether you’re working from home or in a busy workplace environment, take the time to ask colleagues how they’re doing. The human connection is important and can turn a functional team into an excellent one.

Be patient:
Becoming a star won’t happen overnight. If you expect too much too soon, you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment. Keep a sense of perspective about getting ahead.

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