Learn to Trust Your Intuition

Gut feelings. Instinct. Intuition. It’s easy to ignore that little voice, but oftentimes, it’s giving us the exact advice we need to hear … just when we need to hear it.

Trust your intuition and it could help you make better life choices. Tune into what you’re feeling and you’ll build this trust with yourself. When you’re wavering between two choices, STOP and truly consider how you feel.mindfulness word cloud

Imagine you have an exciting new job opportunity, or a potential new client. You likely feel a bit nervous, which is to be expected. But think about your other emotions toward the opportunity. Are they mostly positive and uplifting? Then go for it!

However, if your gut tightens up and you’re struggling to say yes to the gig, it’s a good sign you should pass it up and make room for something better to come into your life.

Sometimes if it’s not 100% “Heck yeah!”, then it should be a “Heck no!”

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