Live in the Moment

My goodness, isn’t November colorful and unusual? The bright orange and yellows springing up on crispy leaves as nature raises up a giant cheer to friends… the fresh air outside in the mornings signaling that winter is just around the corner. And, as the parties start to multiply, so much love and laughter in the air with friends and family gathered in cheerful celebrations— these are delicious times.

Happiness is omnipresent (along with pumpkin spice everything), but I know that I am not alone in having to decide which events to attend as the holiday season begins in earnest. We live in a world where “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO) is all too common nowadays and we are constantly planning ahead for what comes next. It’s important to remember that precious moments slip by when we are flitting through an overwhelmingly busy schedule. Better to be present and enjoy the memories for years to come, wouldn’t you agree?

There is a quote that I love: “I would not wish any companion in the world but you.” This is exactly how I feel during the holidays when I am gathered with friends and family, like I would not want to be anywhere else in that moment than with them. It is not the number of events that we attend, nor the perfection of our holiday decor that matters; it is the thanks that we give for friends and family that best sums up this time of year.

As December approaches and our schedules get even busier, I’ve decided to do something different this year: I’m focusing on the present, rather than what lies ahead of me. Just for November, I’ve decided that each time I receive an invitation for holiday happenings that I cannot attend, rather than taking on that worry as fear of missing out, I am instead going to reach out with a phone call or a pen-and-ink letter to let the host know how much I appreciate being included in their lives. Granted, I’m giving myself permission to have that letter be on plain paper or have that phone call take up just a few minutes if I’m short on time— however, as I cannot be everywhere at once, I’m choosing to be in the moment.

Thank you for being a part of my life and I wish you a bright orange November!

Gino Pezzani

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