Lofty Goals

A helicopter crash left Kirstie Ennis with spinal damage, a traumatic brain injury and a shattered left leg that would eventually be amputated above the knee.

However, Ennis refers to the day of her accident in June 2012 as her Alive Day because, though her life would change in many ways, she was still here to enjoy it. As she recovered from her injuries and began to rebuild her life, she found comfort and purpose in all the things she loved and could do.

She has since snowboarded in the Paralympics, walked across the U.K. in honor of wounded and fallen soldiers and even worked as a stuntwoman in the movie Patriot Day. She then set her sights much higher.

Ennis plans to be the first woman with a knee amputation to summit the highest mountain of each of the seven continents. Since 2017, she has conquered Kilimanjaro in Africa, Carstenz in Oceania, Iliniza Norte in Ecuador, and came close to finishing Everest, but had to turn back due to a shortage of oxygen.

Ennis believes that you are the only person who can determine your abilities and disabilities.

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