New Condo and Townhouse Maintenance Videos

A new video series of interest to REALTORS®and their condo or townhouse clients is now available from the BC government’s Homeowner Protection Office (HPO).

Focusing on the maintenance of multi- unit buildings, the video series stems from the free Maintenance Matters bulletins produced by the HPO, a branch of BC Housing. The bulletins provide practical information on maintaining the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings including townhouses, and low and high- rise buildings.

The short, informative videos explain why regular maintenance needs to be performed and also provide tips and checklists – useful information for all condo and townhouse clients, but particularly those buying into a multi-unit building for the first time.

They can be found at (What’s New) and BC Housing’s YouTube channel at

The videos will help inform clients about the types of exterior maintenance required for their buildings, and why it’s important to invest in these tasks through their strata fees. They explain how, in addition to enhancing property values and curb appeal, regular maintenance can save them money because it prevents costly problems and emergency repairs.

Additionally, the videos show clients how failure to perform regular maintenance, or improperly performed maintenance, can compromise their building’s home warranty insurance. Warranty providers may deny coverage in cases of neglect and improper maintenance, particularly if the first homeowner received a maintenance manual from the builder or warranty providers and did not perform the recommended maintenance.

The Maintenance Matters video series covers the following topics:

  • At-grade and Below-grade assemblies – typically used for car and bicycle parking and storage.
  • Exposed Wood structures – such as wood walkways and decks.
  • Cladding – materials used to cover the exterior of a building.

In addition to the videos, REALTORS® may also steer multi-unit clients to the HPO’s complete Maintenance Matters bulletin series. Produced in collaboration with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Polygon Homes and building envelope consulting firms, the bulletins are available in the Reports & Publications section at The downloadable PDF bulletins delve deeper into their topics with additional information and advice – such as practical guidelines for hiring professional contractors.

In addition to the three topics covered in the videos, the other bulletins address:

#7: Building Envelope maintenance and renewals Planning – function of the building envelope, impact of maintenance.

#6: Decks and Balconies – steps to take for proper inspection, maintenance and long-term performance.

#5: sealants – sealant types and maintenance requirements.

#4: residential Windows and Exterior Doors – inspection and maintenance to ensure long-term performance.

#3: avoiding Condensation Problems – why condensation forms, why it is a concern, prevention and addressing problems.

#2: maintaining your roof – roof types, maintenance requirements and common issues.

#1: Paints, stains and Coatings – types of paints, stains and coatings, application and maintenance.

Free online subscription to HPO publications To be notified by email when a new Maintenance Matters bulletin is available, go to Email Subscriptions on the What’s New page of the HPO website,

BCREA would like to thank the Homeowner Protection Office for providing this article.


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