Note This

Embrace your fears this Halloween season. Be bold and tackle an issue you have been too afraid to write about. You might be surprised at how easily the words flow out of you once you figure out the best way for you to journal your thoughts.

A Notebook: Some of us feel safest when using familiar tools, like a plainly lined notebook that could be used for any school class. Choose a color that feels right, pick up a pack of pens or pencils you can comfortably grip and get to writing.

A Journal: High end journals can be pricey but beautiful, and if the cover and heft of the book make you smile with every opening, then it is money well spent. From leather bound to organic paper, options abound.

An Online Application: If you have everything set up so it is just right at your workspace, then consider using an online journal application and typing out your most personal thoughts in a password protected program. Or, set up a personal email address and simply email yourself a daily letter.

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