Save On Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

The provincial program LiveSmart BC offers over $7,000 in rebates to make homes more efficient.

Energy assessment is key to LiveSmart incentives

LiveSmart BC incentives, provided in partnership with BC Hydro, FortisBC, and the Province of B.C., are available to B.C. homeowners who:

  1. Get an initial (pre-retrofit) energy assessment performed on or after April 1, 2011. Visit Natural Resources Canada to find a service organization in your area;
  2. Make energy-efficiency improvements to their home;
  3. Complete a follow-up (post-retrofit) energy assessment by March 31, 2013.

The incentive increases, for improvements including insulation, draft-proofing and high-performance windows and doors, are effective April 1, 2011.

$150 off initial energy assessment

The program includes $150 off an initial energy assessment, which usually costs $350.

Under the program, homeowners must hire a certified energy advisor to conduct an energy-efficiency assessment prior to and after making any eligible improvements. The advisor will handle all the paperwork in applying for provincial incentives after the post-retrofit assessment.

Which incentives have been increased?

Of the 54 incentives offered under the program, 35 have now been increased, including:

  • Up to $1,500 for exterior wall insulation, up from $400.
  • Up to $1,500 to install heat pumps, up from $1,450.
  • Up to $1,200 for basement insulation, up from $500.
  • Up to $750 to install attic insulation, up from $310.
  • Up to $500 to upgrade air tightness, up from $280
  • Up to $500 to install electric heat pump water heater, up from $130
  • Up to $70 per window, door and skylight replacement, up from $40 each.

LiveSmart BC reports more than 65,000 participants in the program since its inception in 2008.

For more information on the program:

Until March 31, 2013, LiveSmart BC incentives will offer over $7000 in rebates for households. The program, provided by BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province of BC, helps homeowners reap the benefi ts of rebate savings now and reduce energy use in the future.

There are three easy steps to participate in the program and save:

1.  Choose a service organization to conduct the pre-retrofi t home energy assessment.

2.  Make the energy effi ciency improvements to the home.

3.  Complete a follow-up (post-retrofi t) energy assessment with a Certified Energy Advisor by March 31, 2013.

There is no extra work for the homeowners as the paperwork and rebate applications are even handled by the advisor.

Customers will save $150 on the initial energy assessment which typically costs $350. The provincial program includes incentives for 54 different upgrades, such as up to:

• $1,500 for exterior wall insulation

• $1,500 to install heat pumps

• $1,200 for basement insulation

• $750 to install attic insulation

• $70 per window, door and skylight replacement For more information about LiveSmart BC rebates, visit


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