Should You Treat Your New Year’s Resolution Like a Game?

I’ve heard it said, when you’re shooting basketball free throws during practice, you shoot with skill. When you’re shooting free throws during a game, you think about your aim. And when you’re shooting free throws in overtime, you’re a nervous wreck. Your skill is the same in all three cases – but because one goal means more to you than another, you let outside considerations weigh on your mind. A person who looks too hard at the outside gets clumsy on the inside.

To make sure you achieve your New Year’s resolution gracefully, ask yourself these four questions:untitled

1. Am I focused on what I want?

Your goal must be something you want for yourself. Are you defining your goal as something you want or something you are trying to avoid? You’re more likely to experience happiness by adding pleasure into your life instead of simply omitting pain.

2. Do I need help to achieve my goal or can I do it all by myself?

If your resolution requires help from even one other person your goal can become limited by the energy or motivation of another person involved. Keep 100 percent control of your goal and only YOU decide when you’ll achieve it.

3. Is this something I must do now?

Experience shows if your goal can wait, it will. Explore the conditions necessary to move yourself into action and stay there. Imagine what will happen to the people you care about if you don’t follow through now.

4. Is it going to be worth it?

It’s great if your goal can be fun like a game. Often times things worth doing aren’t fun or easy at first, but things that are worth it feel like they were easier when you’re done.

Achieving big goals that are worth it is like playing on a basketball team, you win or lose together and some of the most important moments are decided when you are at the free-throw line.

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