Stay the Course

Chasing success seems easy when you’re young and ambitious. Yet once you hit middle age, you may find that your drive fades. However, if it’s too early for you to retire, what can you do? Don’t give up! Follow this advice of staying the course from Bloomberg Business Week:

    • Look for meaning. Money isn’t the only measure of success. You may have already achieved your financial goals. If so, find meaning in your work by reminding yourself of the positive good it does for customers and the community at large.
    • Stay active. Modify your workspace for a standing desk. Take regular, active breaks to keep your blood flowing, your mind sharp, and your energy high.
    • Target your weaknesses. Take an inventory of what you struggle with. Select one or two of your most important gaps and work on rectifying them. Everyone should do this throughout his or her career, but it’s especially useful as you enter the second phase
    • Look beyond work. Don’t depend on your job for all your emotional fulfillment. Take classes, read regularly, volunteer your time, and pursue other activities that will help you meet new people and enjoy new experiences that will keep you fresh.

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