Sticks and Stones…

On a warm desert evening just before dusk, two long-time friends Miles and Benjamin were talking about their plans to start tomorrow’s much anticipated 3-day hike.
As they each proposed a daily itinerary it became clear they had different ideas about the hike. They debated, persuaded and deliberated until finally the argument turned personal and names were called. Miles picked up a stick and walked 10 feet before he stopped and wrote in the dirt: “Today my best friend hurt my feelings.” Soon they both laughed and continued planning.
The next day, the friends were rock climbing when Miles’ harness broke, leaving him clinging to the side of a steep slope over a hundred-foot drop. With great effort, Benjamin got him to safety. Back on solid ground an hour later, Miles took out a pocketknife and carved on the rock: “Today my best friend saved my life.”
When people hurt you, it’s best to let the injury blow away like words in the sand. But when someone helps you, preserve the memory so it will never fade.

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