The Amazing Year of the Water Snake!

The upcoming Chinese New Year, The Year of the Snake, starts on February 10th 2013. 

It will be very unique and exceptional year for many reasons. For one, it will be the first time in nine years that all the Lo-Shu chart numbers will return to their own original sectors, and when added together in any direction, they will form the sum of ten. The hidden element in the Snake is fire and for all other mentioned reasons below, this is going to be very powerful year.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to enhance our personal wealth, success and power luck! By placing yearly enhancers in your home and office, you are going to boost your vitality, spirit and personal strength. Get yourself tuned with the Snake Year energies and success will be yours!

The Snake represents virtue and a disciplined life, so do your best to avoid nonsense thinking and non-beneficial activities. The Snake is intelligent, mystical and aloof. It possess exceptional abilities and supports new ventures and exploration, so this is the best year to start a new business, relationship, venture and launch products or services. For example, Apple launched their first, and widely popular ipod during the last year of the snake.

“No Venture, No Gain!” is the Guru Mantra of the Snake Year.

The Snake is also objective in thinking, a risk taker, and can react quickly according to any situation. The snake also favors art, culture and events – so naturally this year you will see growth and favorable atmosphere in the field of entertainment, sales & marketing, public relations and politics.

Every year stars change their position in the universe, and according to yearly Feng Shui guidelines, followers place enhancing elements in their homes and offices to get the benefit of the most auspicious stars. These placements act to deplete the bad energies of unlucky stars. Feng Shui followers are very careful about these good and bad yearly stars – and take every measure to enhance the good luck in their house and suppress bad luck that is being caused by the inauspicious annual star shifts.

In the year of the snake, we can look forward to the lucky star of prosperity #8 moving into the North East. The best way to enhance our good luck is to place earthen vases with a broad open mouth in the NE to receive the most auspicious energy of the year. You can also place a picture of mountain(s) (but not snow covered) in this corner. Having this placement in your home or office will bring you enormous success and wealth luck.

Heavenly Luck star #6 is occupying the North West in 2013. Placing metal bowl full of loonies and toonies in NW is a bright idea to activate your heavenly and helpful friend luck. Your written New Year resolutions and goal chart should be placed in the NW to take the blessings of this Heavenly Luck star. By doing this, you will experience your dreams manifesting more quickly.

In 2013, business, opportunity and the career star #1 is occupying North direction. This black Star can easily be activated by presence of water in the North. An aquarium is the best bait, but you can also place picture of a powerful waterfall like Niagara Falls, or try an image of 9 fishes on your North wall to activate your business and opportunity luck. If you are already successful and worried about competitors, place a brass metal turtle in north to protect your business and career.

The ever-important fame, glamour and reputation star #9 is in the South during 2013. A picture of a Phoenix bird or nine running horses would be a fantastic enhancer of this star. I guarantee you will definitely enjoy great referrals and word of mouth business by enhancing your South Sector. If you are associated with fashion, design or any glamorous industry, South holds the most important place in your career. Always avoid water in South to protect your reputation and fame.

The Peach Blossom Star makes an exciting move into he Southeast in 2013. This star promotes love and romance. The best way to jazz up your romantic life is to place fresh flowers, like red peonies, or colorful agate crystal in the Southeast. Never have a garbage bin, shoes or dirty laundry in this sector.

The sickness star 2 will be residing in SW during 2013. Spend less time in this area. Pregnant women please stay away from SW to avoid miscarriage or any complications. Working or sleeping in this sector may cause you ill-health or misfortune. The best way to suppress this sickness star is to place a heavy metal object (such as a metal sculpture or vase) in the SW.

Also in 2013, the deadly misfortune star Yellow 5 is occupying the center sector – avoidance is best cure, but if this is not possible hang 5 rod metal wind-chime in this sector as a cure. Also avoid banging or loud music or noise in this area to keep this star calm.

Deadly Earth Star 5 is occupying the center force of Ba-Gua in 2013, and may result in more serious earthquakes, eruptions and natural calamities. On the world stage, this year will be one of many dramatic events.

Despite all of the problems we face in our modern life, the Snake Year holds a lot of potential for the human race. There will be major growth in the field of technology, medicine, human achievement and sports. Interestingly, it was in a previous Water Snake Year Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest.

By knowing the rules of Feng Shui we can avoid many pitfalls and have better chances to win and succeed. Hence, I shall share more indepth information about 2013 with individual predictions in my upcoming 6 hours seminar on The Year of Water Snake.

This is great opportunity for all of us to enhance our personal wealth, success and power luck! By placing yearly enhancers in your home and office, you are going to boost your vitality, spirit and personal strength.

Get yourself tuned with the Snake Year energies and SUCCESS will be yours!

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