The Clever Canine

A dog was on safari with his humans. One afternoon, he started chasing after a butterfly near the camp and suddenly found himself deep within
the wilderness. He saw a leopard approaching him
from the grass.

“Oh boy, guess I’m gonna have to show this cat who’s boss,” thought the dog as he plopped down next to a pile of bones. He reached for the largest
bone and began to chew on it.

The leopard hid in the tall grass and waited for just the right moment to pounce on the canine, yet the dog continued chewing on the bone as the leopard slowly inched closer.

When the dog heard the movement of the grass, he said loudly, “Mmm, mmm. That was one tasty leopard. I think I’ll eat another one.”

The leopard froze in his tracks. He figured he was no match for this vicious dog and retreated to safety. But there was a monkey seated in a nearby tree. He’d seen everything and impishly decided to tell the leopard what had really happened.

The dog realized that something was amiss when he saw the monkey chasing after the leopard. (After all, monkeys don’t usually chase leopards.) But the clever dog decided to outsmart both the leopard and the mischievous monkey.

When the monkey informed the leopard of what had happened, the leopard grew angry. “No one makes a fool of me,” the leopard growled. “Come, my little friend! Let’s show that dog who’s running things around here!”

The leopard ran back through the tall grass with the monkey on his back. “Here we go,” the dog thought to himself as he relaxed and chewed on the bones.

He could feel the big cat watching him from the grass. From the corner of his eye, he could see the monkey scampering toward a nearby tree— this was the moment to make his move.

“What has that monkey done with my dinner?” howled the dog. “I sent him to fetch me another leopard a half hour ago and he’s still not back!”

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