The Power Of Technology

There is an old business adage that whatever you put into your work will be echoed in three months’ time. For instance, this week, you’re probably enjoying some benefits from the work that you put forth back in early July. That also means the work that you’re doing right now is going to come back and benefit you just about right when the new year is upon us.

The time that you put into crafting your business takes focus and a growth mindset. It can seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get work done before sliding into the holiday bustle that starts in October. One thing that I find very helpful at this time of year is to utilize my interest in technology to organize my days and continue to grow my business while maintaining my connection with the people who matter more to me than anything else in this world.

Consider this: you can take the time to write out multiple shopping lists for several meals, or you can use a shopping app that consolidates ingredients and spend more time crafting that special dinner to share with friends. To take that a step further, think of how you envision personal success and ask yourself what could be automated or better organized in your life. With the myriad of apps and technological helpers that are out on the market these days, there is bound to be a tool that would help you bring that vision to life.

This October, dedicate yourself to putting new practices in place so that the work you put in right now pays off, whether that looks like setting up a calendar that allows you more time to spend with family, a daily workout routine that brings you satisfaction, a commitment to learning a new skill online, or whatever else you decide to achieve. By the time the new year rolls around, you will have already put in hard work establishing new routines to feed your personal and professional life.

Where will you begin?

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