The Seeds of Friendship

Ava was newly married. She and her husband had just moved into their first home and she had decided to plant a garden like the one her Grandma had planted years ago in the house where she grew up. All her life, she’d been the one to help take care of that garden and she was excited to keep the tradition alive in memory of her Grandma.

As part of the garden, Ava planted a little tree at the base of a stone wall in the corner of her garden, and spent the entire summer coaxing the seedling into growth. Finally, the baby tree began sprouting green leafy vines that climbed the wall, but to her disappointment, no flowers bloomed.

One morning Ava stood in her garden and wondered whether she should just dig up the tree and start over with something new to bring some life to the dark corner.

Then, she heard a voice from over the wall. “Yoohoo! I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers!”

Confused, Ava went next door. Her neighbor, an elderly woman, opened the garden gate and showed her into the backyard.

To her surprise, the young woman saw that her tree had not only bloomed, but had also sprouted flowers all along the vines that had crept over the wall into her neighbor’s yard.

Her work gave her neighbor so much pleasure that Ava decided never to cut the tree down. She realized that what she had really planted were the seeds of friendship.

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