The Taste Of Happiness

The CupA philosopher was sitting in the shade of a tree next to a beautiful lake when a troubled young man approached and introduced himself: “Sir, my name is Ben, and I’m miserable all the time. I’ve been searching far and wide for a wise person who can tell me why I’m always so unhappy. Can you help me?”

The wise man thought for a moment. Then he handed his visitor a cup and asked him to fill it with water from the lake.

Ben took the cup and returned a few minutes later. The philosopher then took a handful of salt from his bag and dumped it in the water. “Drink this and tell me how it tastes.”

Ben managed a small swallow of the salty liquid. “It’s terrible!”

Then the man stood up and led Ben to the shore of the lake. Once there, he took another handful of salt and dropped it into the water of the lake. Then he instructed Ben to get down and drink directly from the lake. Ben did.

“How does it taste?” asked the wise man.

“Cool and delicious,” said Ben.

“Do you taste the salt?”

“No,” Ben said. “It dissolved in all the water.”

The wise man nodded. “Unhappiness is like this handful of salt: the strength of the taste depends on what you put the salt into. To become happier and more satisfied, expand your vision and reach in life. Don’t be the cup—become the lake.”

Do you believe that the more you have going on in your life, the happier you are?


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