Updated Guide Helps Protect New Homes

Buyers of newly constructed homes are comforted to know that their investment s strongest home warranty insurance coverage. But if a construction defect turns up, how will they know if it is covered or not? The answer can be found in the Residential Construction Performance Guide, a free online guide available from the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing.

Updated in 2014, the guide explains how new homes should perform and which construction defects in design, labour or materials are covered by home warranty insurance. In addition to being a useful reference for homeowners, the guide is also useful for REALTORS ® who like to stay up-to-date on the warranty coverage of the homes they sell.

This user-friendly guide gives readers a better sense of what should be expected from a new home, how a new home should perform and the proper procedures if there is a problem or defect. By referring their clients to the guide, REALTORS ® can help them get the most out of their coverage, while also helping ensure they have realistic expectations about the performance of a new home.

The new guide includes:
• possible defects in 15 major construction categories, from foundations to electrical systems to finishes, and over 290 performance conditions within these categories;
• maintenance tips for many of the performance conditions listed;
• uniform criteria to help evaluate possible defects and the most common defect claims; and
• the minimum required performance of new homes under home warranty insurance.
The guide also covers the most common defects that may be submitted for an insurance claim, including windows that don’t open, driveways that crack, electrical equipment that doesn’t work, plumbing fixtures that leak and many other issues.
While the information focuses on low-rise wood-frame homes, it also includes some guidelines for the common property of multi-unit buildings.

For more information, please contact: Gino Pezzani.

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