We Craft Our Own Story

March sure is galloping in this year with all its green and golden glory! The cheerful proliferation of green shamrocks printed all over the place are a constant reminder that St. Patrick’s Day is the event of the month, but did you know the real St. Patrick originally had light blue livery? It wasn’t until he started using shamrocks as a teaching tool that green came to be associated with this icon of Ireland.

Although that might be useful knowledge to have on hand for your next trivia night with friends, I’m also sharing that fact with you because I think it is important to remember we have the power to craft our own history.

I love the thought that we craft our own history, regardless of what others try to tell our story should be.

Each of us tells the world what we stand for, if not with a particular shade of blue or green, then with a particular response to the people around us. We can change our own standard and improve what we are best known for.

This month marks only one-quarter of the year already written for the history books, which leaves us with nine months remaining in this year’s journal. Starting now, you can decide what details to include and what is not worth bothering with. You can add in new plot twists, welcome new characters, and decisively edit out anything or anyone that doesn’t belong in your story.

Try this: picture what you want people to say about you in December, then write down nine things that would need to happen for that statement to be true. Just like that, you wrote your own history and now have a goal for each month ahead of you.

Since you already wrote the story as you want it to end, all that is left is for you to enjoy living out the details and enjoying the smaller developments along the way. Here’s hoping it is full of good luck and good times!

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