Why The Lawyer Stopped Eating SUGAR…

In the 1930’s a woman had become very concerned that her son ate too much sugar. She took her son and traveled a great distance to see the country’s most respected figure – a renowned lawyer. When they met, the man asked what she wanted. She said, “I am concerned that my son is eating too much sugar and I want him to stop.” The man replied, “Bring the boy back in one weeks’ time.” 47

The next week the woman returned with her son. The lawyer turned to the boy and said, “Stop eating sugar.” And the child did. A month later the lady came back and said “My child has done what you asked, but why could you not have spoken to him the first time I came?” The lawyer replied, “Lady, a week earlier I was still eating sugar.”

Not only is this a true story, the man is more than an ordinary lawyer… he is Mahatma Gandhi. Throughout his remarkable life, Gandhi inspired millions by acting in complete INTEGRITY with his words. Gandhi understood at a deep level that he could not convince the boy to stop eating sugar with words alone – his actions had to be in 100% integrity with his words for his message to have maximum impact. This is how Gandhi stopped a young boy from eating sugar… it is also how he led the most successful non-violent revolution of the 20th century!

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