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Excellent: possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good.
This word perfectly defines the services and work that Gino provided us. We always had his attention, and we felt our needs were important to him.

Gino worked with us when we purchased the perfect home for our daughter while she attended UBC. Three years later, with a simple email, we reconnect with Gino and used his expertise to sell the condo. His attention to detail and kind professional manner made the entire process run stress free for us.

We highly recommend Gino to anyone who is buying or selling a property.

Best Regards,
Doug and Maria Dorey



他对待顾客很有耐心,两个例子,我们下了一个offer,然后我们左思右想,总觉得还是不太合适,最后我们改变了主意,他没有任何的埋怨,反而说你们怎么做决定都合适,毕竟买房子的是你们。接着他还是很有耐心地继续带我们看其他房子。还有就是我们最后用了一个比较有争议的验屋师,这个验屋师很细致,很好,但是很多realtor不喜欢他,因为这个验屋师经常会kill a deal。当我们告诉Gino我们要用这个验屋师的时候,他没有表现出任何negative的想法,反而说这个验屋师能过得房子质量一定合格,而且可以从他身上学很多东西。相信这两个例子能充分说明Gino是一个可以信赖的地产经纪人。最后我们想说的就是他和我们第一个realtor比,简直是好太多了。


-Daniel & Emily

My experience with Gino Pezzani my realtor have been nothing short of great. Having accidentally walked in on an open house and placing an offer without knowing how the real estate industry worked….I felt duped, slighted and taken advantage of by the selling realtor….

Luckily my offer didn’t go through and I was introduced to Gino shortly after… since then my wife and I have bought our current Townhouse, an apt (bought and sold) and a current apt in the works….

Gino provides a secure, comfortable environment…. his introductory presentation and subsequent ones leave a complete impression on you… by complete I mean, you know about Gino, his experience, his goals ( as far as him providing the utmost due diligence and professional care you’d expect from a family member).. and an open door for you to ask anything or change your goals as a prospective buyer….

Your first or only home purchase is a huge investment and we as buyers are entering uncharted terrain… our inexperience leaves you feeling vulnerable and reluctant…

However after a few consultations with Gino… you feel educated… in the know, up to date on current rates… aware of the market … aware of the previous years market… and comfortable with your next move as a buyer…. I guess to make a long story longer… you feel that you’re a team working with Gino… and as a teammate… he’s experienced, savvy and looking to win with you on board …

Thank you Gino, for your professionalism, friendship and ethical business practice… sincerely,

– Joe and Nini Hermoza

Gino has helped me with two different sales and I have to say, he makes even the most difficult transaction as simple and painless as possible. He is professional and open with all the information, and I’m happy to recommend him. If I every buy or sell again, he’s my first call.

– Perry Wilson

I thank my lucky stars for the day that I met Gino Pezzani at an open house when I was thinking of selling my apartment. He was professional and very knowledgeable about the real estate market. He never lied to me, but rather showed me, using his knowledge, how much my apartment would sell for, and together we decided on an asking price, no pressure at all. He was patient with me, through all the ups and downs of my anxiety. He treated me as a special client, and was always available for questions. As a result of his professionalism and knowledge, and me sitting back and letting him do all the tough stuff, my apartment sold above asking in one week, with many perks in my favour as a seller. He then made life easy for the rest of the process of waiting for the sale to go through. I now think of him as a friend rather than just my realtor, and when I decide to buy again I will definitely use him again and recommend him highly. Thanks Gino for making everything easy!!

– Louise Lemieux, Instructor UBC

I just bought my first home, and if it wasn’t for Gino I would have given up and gone back to renting!

Gino went to great lengths to inform me of all the ins and outs of purchasing a home in Vancouver. He made the difficulty of finding exactly what I was looking for a pleasant experience. He devoted a lot of time and effort to the search, and really paid attention to what I was looking for.

One of his most valuable services was showing and explaining to me the things to look out for. As a new home buyer, I was unaware of all the problems and pitfalls that need to be taken into consideration before jumping into a purchase. He guided me away from problem properties and made me very confident in my final purchase.

He carefully and effectively got me through the nightmare that is all the hoops and obstacles of the purchasing process. I was quite exasperated by the blizzard of paperwork, deadlines and red tape that’s involved with purchasing and financing a home. Gino calmed me down and even worked on my behalf to make sure everything went smoothly. He was quite vigilant in making sure I was aware of every thing I was signing and what to look out for in the mounds of documents.

For what is probably the biggest purchase in most people’s lives, I recommend Gino Pezanni without reservation. His knowledge, commitment and positive attitude made working with him one of the best business experiences I’ve ever had.

– Geoff Barton

Dear Gino


In 2014, Mr. Gino Pezzani assisted me in the purchase of a beautiful brand new DUPLEX in the COLLINGWOOD area in VANCOUVER. Mr.Pezzani provided me with valuable and accurate analysis of the real estate market and comparatives. Mr.Pezzani definitely guided me in the right direction, his invaluable insight assisted me in making the right and perfect decision for my purchase. After living in my current beautiful home for 1 year and 9 months, I am extremely happy. I have discovered this location to be extremely convenient and centralized. It is approximately 4-5 blocks from the NANAIMO SKY TRAIN STATION. Thanks to Mr. Pezzani for finding this property for me. I find Mr. Pezzani will not pressure me in making an offer and just close the deal and be done with me. He also gave me adequate and accurate real estate valuation and assessment on properties. Mr. Pezzani aimed to provide me with the BEST POSSIBLE QUALITY AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. He wants my best interests and not his. I would highly recommend Mr. Pezzani to my friends and also if anyone asks for referral of a REAL ESTATE AGENT, Mr. Pezzani would be the #1 AGENT on my list.

Recently I recommended Mr. Pezzani to an individual from Paris, France and she totally trusted and loved the professional manner in which Mr. Pezzani handled her real estate purchase transaction. Mr. Pezzani also assisted her enormously in her dream to own real estate in the G.V.R.D. She informed me that Mr. Pezzani is the BEST of THE BEST, PROFESSIONAL, SUPER, REAL ESTATE AGENT that provided her with invaluable information regarding real estate in G.V.R.D.

I would not hesitate for one moment to highly recommend AMAZING, PROFESSIONAL, AWESOME AND WONDERFUL MR. PEZZANI TO anyone.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely
– Esther Ling

Gino helped me sell a 2-bedroom loft and subsequently purchase a 2-bedroom townhouse downtown. He did an outstanding job with both the sale and purchase of my two homes, neither of which were ‘easy’ projects . When I was looking to purchase a townhouse, he was pro-active in finding homes not currently on the market. This was critical in helping me purchase a beautiful home that has since increased substantially in value. Without his help, I probably wouldn’t have been able to own the home I own today. If you’re looking for a realtor who knows the market and thinks outside the box to help you sell or buy your home, don’t hesitate to contact Gino. You won’t be disappointed!

– Iulia

Gino helped our family with the sale our house and the purchase of our new home which we moved into last summer. Gino’s one of the most outstanding Realtors we’ve met, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others looking to buy or sell their homes.

– Alan

“If you’re looking for a realtor who takes the time to hear your concerns and offers honest straight forward advice then Gino is your man. After an unsatisfactory experience with 2 previous realtors we wound up meeting Gino. He took the time to listen to our needs and then crafted a plan that would ultimately materialize into a new home that we are thrilled with. We were so happy with Gino’s service that we referred him to a friend who is equally as thrilled with his service. Don’t waste time with a commission hungry run-of-the-mill realtor.. just call Gino..”

– Chris Barry

“We were introduced to Gino from one of our friends. Gino was known as the “trusted” guy. Unlike other sales people, he never rushed us to make our decision. We worked with Gino for almost a year. He’s always responsive and would always give unbiased advice for walk through. He is also very knowledgeable when it comes to interior inspection. We are very happy with Gino’s service and would definitely recommend him to our friends.”

– Sylvia and Gary

We are so very fortunate to have Gino as our real estate agent!!! He carefully analyzed the market and diplomatically explained the basis for a realistic asking price. He gave us excellent tips for decluttering and showing our home in the best light for potential buyers. He knows when to yield and when to be firm in the negotiations. We trust Gino totally without reservation. Our interests are always foremost in his mind. His diligence and tireless efforts have secured excellent results for us. He greatly reduced our stress with his humor and patient guidance through this sometime emotional home-selling process.

Gino’s knowledge, experience and professionalism were equally critical to our new home purchase. He eliminated undesirable buildings and areas and kept us focussed; when we expressed interest in a new development, he immediately gave us a full “briefing” on the various factors particular to a new condo purchase. Gino always makes himself available to us. He gladly answered our many questions any time of the day and night. On one occasion, he dealt with a most sensitive issue on our behalf as he waited to board his vacation flight. Gino has been just as accessible and helpful as we get comfortably settled in our new home. We give Gino the highest possible recommendation!!!

From Very Happy and Grateful Clients,
Nancy and Charles

“Gino was our listing agent for the sale of our condo. He provided us with comparables, statistical information and general industry knowledge and experience that made us feel confident and comfortable in determining our list price of our home. The marketing tools Gino used to present our home were top notch – from the expert photographs to the virtual tour on his website, we felt that he took great of care in presenting our home. We sold our home in five days, we listed on Tuesday, had an open house on Saturday and sold by Saturday evening. Gino took us through the multiple offers we received and walked us through the decision making process. We would definatly recommend Gino to anyone looking for a realtor. Thank you Gino!”

– Jeanne

As U.S. residents looking for a seasonal residence in Vancouver, we hit the jackpot when we met Gino at an open house. He immediately understood what we were looking for and started sending us emails with personalized listings so we could pick a few to see each time we visited. His suggestions on neighborhoods, amenities, construction, etc. were always on point and helpful. His patience, knowledge, sense of humor, and availability make him a pleasure to work with. He was able to talk us through each step of the process (there are some differences between our two countries when buying property) and answered all our follow-up questions. Gino is a perfect example of the 3 A’s of Success: he is Able, Affable, and Available.

– Jim and Veronica Douglas

Gino was wonderful in all aspects of buying my new home. He is honest and straight forward and certainly has all the experience, knowledge, tools and resources as well as a tireless work ethic to help make the experience as stress free as possible while keeping your best interests at heart. I was certainly in a bit of a pinch as I had already sold my other home and needed to wrap things up quickly so I had a roof over my head for the following month. Gino was very helpful in all the aspects of buying my home and making it a relatively pain free experience. Thanks heaps for your knowledge and professional manner Gino!

Michael Thomas

Gino was a great down to earth realtor. He showed us listings only we were interested in and did not show us anything that would waste our time. He did not put pressure on us or rush us in our decision. He made sure that all of the questions we had were answered and that we understood the answers so we could make a informed decision. In a big investment like buying your first home you really want to be able to talk to someone you trust and who you feel is giving you honest answers. He was awesome and I would recommend him to anyone who was looking to purchase a home!

–Colette & Stuart

Thanks to Gino we sold our condo smoothly and at a fairly good price. We had three times unsuccessful listings with other real estate agents previously, but none of them put so much time and efforts to help sell our property as Gino has done. Also, he helped us to buy a property that fit the best for our circumstances. Gino really put his knowledge, responsibility, and professionalism to get what we wanted. We will happily recommend Gino to anyone who is looking for a reliable, skilful realtor and just simply a very decent, and nice person as well.

Thanks again for the superb job!!!
–Marina, Alexander and Marie

Благодаря Джино мы продали наш кондоминиум в течении короткого срока и по хорошей цене. До знакомства с Джино, наш дом был выставлен на продажу три раза с другими агентами по недвижимости, но никто из них не посвятил так много времени и усилий, как Джино, чтобы продажа состоялась. Кроме того, он помог нам купить другую недвижимость, которая полностью соответствовала нашим требования и возможностям. В процессе как продажи, так и покупки, Джино относился ко всем вопросам и деталям с высоким профессионализмом, очень ответственно и тщательно, чтобы мы получили то, что хотели. Мы с радостью рекомендуем обращаться к Джино любому, кто ищет надежного, умелого риэлтора и просто очень порядочного, хорошего человека.

Еще раз спасибо за отличную работу!
–Марина, Александр и Мари

It has been a pleasure to work with Gino and thanks to his dedicated work that I found the place I like very soon. The whole process went very smoothly as Gino was very thorough, knowledgeable, organized, and detailed oriented. Before I asked any questions I wanted to ask the other party while viewing the properties, he had thought of and asked those questions I had in mind for me and even more questions that I didn’t think of but important to know. I highly recommend Gino to anyone who is buying or selling their properties.



My husband and I weren’t sure we even really needed a Realtor for our home buying process – we already had a property in mind and we figured there wasn’t all that much wiggle room around the price. We then met Gino at another open house and liked his friendly and genuine demeanor (he’s not a “hard sell” kind of guy). We took him on to help us with the process, and were SO pleasantly surprised. Not only did he handle everything smoothly and efficiently, he also negotiated magnificently on our behalf and got us much more knocked off the sale price than we’d ever thought possible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Vancouver.

–Emily and Ryan

Gino, thank you so much for selling our condo. It was so great working with you as our Realtor. It was like a breath of fresh air.
You were knowledgeable, reliable, skilled in marketing, detailed data oriented, practical, and a goal achiever.
With your impeccable digital photography skills, you have made our condo more attractive and easier to sell to any buyers.
Again, thank you. You’re the best! You rock!

Happy customers,
Randall and Yuriko

We have used Gino as our realtor to buy and sell our home on two occasions. Both times we were absolutely thrilled with his level of knowledge and how hard he worked to find us exactly what we wanted. Gino was available day and night to answer questions, take us to a showing, to sign contracts and to make and accept offers. He held multiple open houses and had many showings at our old home in order to sell it. As we were looking for a house to renovate we needed to be creative in finding our dream home and Gino was the perfect person to help us do that. We look forward to using Gino as our realtor in the future, we have and would recommend him to everyone we know!

– Amanda and Aaron Guest

“Gino was an integral part of us getting our dream place. Gino was very quick in action and had all the paperwork done the same day. He also went over and above to “sell” our circumstances to the Owners and was very professional and accurate in all his correspondence. All we had to do was choose the right place and Gino did the rest. Great job Gino and many thanks!

– Bobby & Jen

Gino recently helped us with the purchase of our apartment. He was exceptionally professional and a great person to work with! He provided us with all the resources and contacts we needed to make the whole experience less stressful.

We want to let you know how much we appreciate you Gino! It is rare in this day and age to find someone in the realty business that you feel you can trust and that has your best interests in mind.

We were lucky enough to find a fantastic real estate agent, who I will definitely recommend to anyone who asks.

– Melorin & Aaron





– Jessica

We recently purchased our first home.  In the months before we committed to working with Gino, I went to quite a few open houses, so of course met a few realtors who passed along their cards.  I e-mailed back and forth with a few, but didn’t find they were nearly as responsive or as helpful as Gino.  Some seemed to be going through the motions, and others had that hard-sell pushiness.  I really found Gino to be helpful without ever being pushy, and I never felt like he was rushing me when I had questions (and as a first time buyer, I had a LOT of questions!)  Gino’s help gave us the confidence we needed to make our purchase, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an agent, but especially to any first time buyers.

Thanks, Gino!
Libby Whittaker

认识Gino是通过朋友的介绍。朋友对他的工作态度和敬业精神赞不绝口。在Gino和我们随后的三次合作中 (一次Gino 帮助卖房, 两次买房 ), 他的敬业精神给我留下极其深刻的印象。Gino总是把我们的需求放在第一位。他的耐心,细致和丰富的专业知识给予了我们极大的帮助,让我们在变化多端的房产市场中有所支持,应付裕如。

在专业领域之外, Gino也是一位随和,谦恭,让人信任的朋友。和他相处是非常愉快的经历。我和太太认定他是我们房产经纪的不二之选。

– Alan and Luna

My husband and I were first time home buyers and were so happy to have Gino as our real estate agent. We found that he did his homework and took all the time we needed to explain all the details and what to expect during the process. Due to the rush of the process for us he was always ready to accomodate our schedules to meet with us. He helped us find exactly what we were looking for.

– Megan & Bryan

买卖房产是人们生活当中一项重大的决定,而一位优秀的经纪人给我们的助益良多,Gino 无疑是其中一位。认识Gino很偶然,在决定用他做自己的经纪之前,我也对他做了各方面的考核,Gino让我很满意。



– Vanessa

Firstly, Thank you for your help and guidance on selling my home as fast as you did. Gino did an excellent job of sitting down with me and discussing all the possible scenarios prior to putting the home on MLS for sale. He did his homework and had the available sales statistics for the area that enabled us to price the property appropriately. Throughout the whole process Gino was always available when and if i had questions and he had the answers every time. He did a great job of delivering on his promises, was always on time, he did what he said he was going to do when he said he would do it. Gino made the whole process seem like a cake walk, I am very happy to have had him selling my property, well done Gino.

– Mike

I am a first time home buyer and couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Gino. I started looking at the market and the listings he sent but wasn’t in any rush to purchase and Gino couldn’t have been more patient and understanding. To be honest I usually can’t stand realtor types- very flashy and in your face, but Gino was quite the opposite. He has a relaxed and honest air about him that you instantly trust paired with a strong knowledge of the market and what is going on.
He never made me feel like I was being a problem- he let me take my time to get comfortable and research what I wanted. When I finally did find the perfect place (a listing Gino had sent me that I had missed) he was there every step of the way and offered great advice. It is important to be able to trust your realtor and it was nice to see that Gino didn’t just want to sell me anything, he wanted me to be happy and comfortable with my purchase. He even went as far as to help me install new pipes on my washing machine when i moved in!
Thank you so much Gino, you made my first time home buying experience a great one!


From start to finish Gino made my home sale a seamless process. His guidance regarding pricing and dates was invaluable and the home sold quickly. He always responded promptly to my questions and requests. I have worked with many real estate agents over the years. Gino stands out as the nicest and most competent. It was a pleasure to work with him.

-Cheri Houston

认识Gino是偶然一次去看Open house。他很细致地向我们讲解了整个房子的结构和装修所用的材料,当时就给我留下了好印象。






Kate Liu

I decided to sell my home and buy a condo, now that my daughter was grown up and off to school. I met with Gino and he interviewed me to find out what I wanted, what time frame I was looking at, how much I wanted to sell and rebuy for etc. It was in a tough market, the house prices were dramatically dropping and many had been on the market for a long time. He answered all my questions and was prompt in returning my phone calls. He never once made me feel like I was taking up too much time or asking too many questions. He told me that he wanted me to feel comfortable every step of the way. He not only sold my home for what I wanted, but also found me an amazing condo in my price range.

I have dealt with other realtors over the years, Gino was not only professional, he was also understanding and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. As a result I am happy in my new home and I refer him to anyone looking to buy or sell.

– Cherelle Jardine (www.cherellejardine.com)

“We would like to thank Gino for his outstanding service in helping guide us through the recent purchase of our new home and the sale of our Condominium. Gino maintained a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm through out the process. My wife and I demand a high standard from any professional we deal with, Gino routinely exceeded our expectations. Something that really struck me was Gino’s keen eye for detail when viewing a property with us. He approaches each property as though he is buying it for his own family. We learned a great deal from him and in many cases he raised concerns or pointed out positives about properties we hadn’t considered. Gino it was a pleasure to work with you and we are honored to count you among our friends.

Thank you again

– Doug and Michelle Smith
Squamish, B.C.

As a first time home buyer and also someone who knew very little about real estate, I was very nervous about selecting a real estate agent. However, upon meeting Gino I quickly felt at ease. Gino’s first concern was educating me about real estate, the housing market and the steps taken when buying a home. He provided me with information that was thorough and also easy to understand. If I had any questions Gino was always available and always took the time to address my concerns.

It has been very easy for me to trust Gino. He took into careful consideration what I was looking for and also respected my price budget when helping me select a home. This allowed me to get exactly what I was looking for at the best possible price.

With Gino as my real estate agent buying a home was fun and exciting instead of scary and stressful. I am very grateful I had his support and guidance.

Thank you Gino for helping me find my first Home!

– Rachel Romero

Gino Pezzani was our realtor in the winter of 2010. As a first-time buyer, he was able to meet all of our needs and more. Gino was able to answer all of our questions and spent his time researching and looking at the multitude of ways to deal with our concerns. His creative and excellent problem-solving and research skills was an asset to our search.

He was accessible and was able to work around our busy schedules. There were no questions left unanswered and we had no surprises. We felt that he had covered all aspects and made suggestions necessary to make our experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We have definitely formed a relationship with Gino and we will be working with him and Regent Park Realty again in the future.

Thank you,

– Jessica Brown and Ken Wylie

Dear Gino,

Thank you so much for helping us find our new home. We are very happy!

We really appreciate your time and dedication to ensure we found the right place.

We won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a realtor.

All the best to you!

Juliana & Ricardo

Dear Gino,

Thank you so much for all your help in buying our first dream home and for the awesome gift basket (if we knew that was coming we would have bought sooner!) It was a great help as we settled in to our new place.

Thanks again and we will continue to recommend your services to others (as we already have).

All the best,

Jonathan & Sabrina

Dear Gino,

Thank you for the great job you did despite the fact we are not the easiest buyers to satisfy. We appreciate your patience, professionalism and your great personality.

I wish you well in your career (you deserve it!). Should we have people to refer to you, we definitely will. Also thank you for the wonderful gift basket. We really appreciate it!

– Irene & Francis

Gino did a great job working with me to find the right buyer for my townhouse and the right condo for my new home. In a difficult market he was able to get me a quick sale at the price I wanted. Then when it came to finding my a new home he helped me keep optimistic about finding what I wanted in my price range while we looked at what seemed like dozens of places that didn’t quite tick the boxes. Thanks, Gino for all your hard work.

– Perry

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